Toxic Intentions (Halstead Mysteries 3)

What will be the greater challenge for Eden, working with her enemy or finding the killer?

With the afterglow of having put bully Correen Grazle in her place after solving her last case, Eden Price starts looking forward to the rest of summer. She’s made friends, and Halstead finally turns back into the peaceful town it used to be.

But tragedy strikes again when a popular teacher drowns in the local swimming pool. The authorities are quick to label her death an accident, after all the pool was full of swimmers. Only Correen thinks otherwise and Eden’s friends believe her, dragging reluctant Eden into an investigation.

Convinced that the dead woman hasn’t been the model teacher everyone considered her, Correen and her friends persuade Eden to work together before the killer strikes again. Can they set aside their animosity before it’s too late?

Toxic Intentions is the third book in the Halstead Mystery Series

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Book 1: When the Time is Right
Book 2: Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice (Halstead Mysteries 2)

Eden’s Grandma is no killer, but proving her innocence is another matter entirely.

After solving a local murder mystery, Eden Price is beleaguered by reporters, and she hates every minutes of it. Together with her grandmother Maimeo, she sneaks out of town in disguise to cheer for Halstead at the Kansas 3A State Baseball Tournament.

But what starts out as a joyful challenge turns sinister when Maimeo discovers the body of one of the umpires. With the murder weapon found by the police, Lucas and his teammates are under suspicion. Eden needs to prove the Halstead players’ innocence, but everything she uncovers points toward Maimeo as the killer.

If she can’t fit the pieces together in time, Lucas and the Halstead Dragons can kiss their shot at a State Championship goodbye. And her grandmother may sit in jail for a very long time.

Three Blind Mice is the second book in the Halstead Mystery Series.

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Book 1: When the Time is Right
Book 3: Toxic Intentions

Sevitan (Veterix Series Book 4)

The Snader Lord has awakened. The Chase is on.
Can the companions keep him from the weapon he desires?

Allison remains trapped on the Snader spaceship. With a power struggle among leaders, she uses her dreaming ability to warn her friends of the Snader Lord’s intentions. But is the information she’s gained helping her friends or leading them into a trap?

The destination?  An abandoned spaceship laboratory containing hundreds of experiments and a few dead bodies. When Flipper and his Gude friends arrive at the city-sized spaceship, they must discover what it is about the wreckage that attracts the monster’s attention.

The only clues they have come from a single visit by Allison and strange messages from a distant Prophet relaying information through Chezlor, who’s stranded on Sevitan, a planet without technology. Soon, a scarier and more urgent question arises—are they alone on the spaceship?

Can the trio use their resources to keep the Snader Lord from what he’s after?

Can Flipper turn enemies into allies in time to save the galaxy?

Don’t miss out on Flipper’s scariest and most exciting adventure yet in this fourth installment of the Vetrix series!

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Book 1: Vetrix
Book 2: Earth
Book 3: Zentron

When the Time is Right (Hastead Mysteries 1)

Eden didn’t peg bribery, kidnapping, and murder for summer activities

For eighteen-year-old Eden, her court-mandated community service is set to be every bit as punishing as prison. Sent off to work at a pizza joint while living with her grandmother in a little out-of-the-way town, at least she can appreciate the peace and quiet.

But the town is hiding its own secrets, and pretty soon peace and quiet will be very hard to come by. She might not realize it, but between the spiteful neighbor, the enigmatic mayor, and the calculating owner of the abandoned hospital, Eden’s 90 days in Halstead are set to be the most exciting of her life.

Follow Eden’s unexpected adventure in this strange and entertaining tale of mystery.

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Book 2: Three Blind Mice
Book 3: Toxic Intentions

Zentron (Vetrix Series Book 3)

Earth may have been saved, but the Snaders have a backup plan, a secret weapon stashed away against the day of reckoning.

Who can stop the rise of the deadliest threat the universe has seen?

With Earth secure and Flipper and his family safely holed away in the mountains, it seems that the worst of the Snader-Gude war is over. Allison still needs to be rescued, of course, but the Gudes will handle that on their own. There seems to be nothing more for Flipper to do, even if Josh is frustrated at having to do nothing.

But when Flipper and Josh are kidnapped by aliens—again!—and taken to the mysterious planet Zentron, Flipper finds that the universe needs him once again to foil the ultimate Snader plot to activate their secret weapon.

Aided by the ever-faithful Josh and Anna, Allison’s dog, Flipper will have to do everything in his power to help the hapless Nerds repel the coming Snader incursion and prevent the Snaders from retrieving their most prized asset and gaining the power to turn the tide of the war.

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Book 1: Vetrix
Book 2: Earth
Book 4: Sevitan

Eating Crow Comics

Eating Crow


“Eating Crow” is a strange, silly, and pun filled comic strip universe where goofy Blobs, Bloogas, Birds, a friendly Mud Monster, a Mole with a Hammer, and The Imperial Glort, will make you laugh your socks off (Be sure to pick them back up so you won’t lose them)!

Christian C. Kloepfer was born and raised in Minnesota, where he learned the real meaning of the words “cold”, “Uff-da”, and how to use them in a sentence: “Uff-da, it gets cold in Minnesota!”

He has lived near Halstead Kansas now for nearly 10 years and loves the longer growing season!

His wonderful comic strip “Eating Crow” is currently published weekly in The Harvey County Independent. The health and wellness website “Migraine Again” interviewed him in 2016 about using comedy to cope with chronic pain. The article was titled: “Too tired to be Grumpy”.

In June of 2018 he was interviewed by the KPTS TV show “Positively Kansas” concerning his comics. Despite suffering from 24-7 chronic migraine/head-pain, he keeps a positive outlook on life and hopes to help others through his comedy. Oh, and his crazed red border collie likes to play “rope-tug”.

You can keep up with the silliness by following “Eating Crow Comics” on
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Maybe I Should Have Hit the Delete Key


On April 18, 2013, the Harvey County Independent ran acolumn that Bill Bush wrote about his daughter and son’s toy poodle, Anna.Maybe I Should Have Hit the Delete Key contains Bill’s first one hundred columnspublished in the Independent. Covering a variety of topics, Bill:

          • Shares his passion for running, small towns, his children, daylight savings time, and peanut butter
          • Documents the excitement and obstacles of trying to start a writing career
          • Addresses the NFL controversies of Ray Rice and players kneeling for the National Anthem
          • Tackles tough issues like terrorism, target’s bathroom policy, minimum wage, Westboro Baptist Church, Donald Trump, and freedom and socialism
          • Provides solutions for the societal problems of gay marriage and the IRS
          • Opens up about his fears of publishing a novel,dating, not being happy, and watching his aunt die
        • Writes flash fiction stories about skunks, aliens,friendship, and parenthood, and shares excerpts from longer fictional work

Some humorous, some serious, all thought provoking.

Bill’s column, So Many Thoughts So Little Time, can be read regularly in the Harvey County Independent, located in Halstead, Kansas.

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Legend of the Aneeka




That’s the only word to describe what Granny Maya has told Akeena the day after her twelfth birthday. According to a family legend — to be told only to girls in their thirteenth year of life — she, Akeena Lawton herself, might become the only guardian of an underground city of gold.

Her cousin, Melody, whom Akeena considers unfriendly and a snob, was told the legend on her own birthday two months earlier. They are the only female descendents of a long-extinct tribe of people called the Aneeka.

If the legend is true Akeena has only one year to discover the hidden, underground city. Can the legend possibly be true? Even if it is, how can Akeena become the guardian with her cousin, Melody, in the running?

The race is on! Will the snobbish Melody win? Not if Akeena has anything to say about it.

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Earth (Vetrix Series Book 2)

The battle for Vetrix is over. The battlefor Earth begins.
Who can Flipper count on if not even his parents believehim?

After having returned safely from his adventures on the Gude homeplanet, Flipper is dismayed to find only ridicule and skepticism back home. Ofcourse aliens aren’t real; of course these are just the flights of fancy of asixth-grader and his friends. Nobody believes his story. Nobodycares.

But when the Snaders put into motion a nefarious plot to conquer Earthand eliminate the human threat in one fell swoop, Flipper finds his storyverified in a most spectacular–and horrifying–fashion. Not only have they senta deadly fleet to attack Earth, but they have infiltrated the halls of power,insinuated themselves into the heart of human civilization … and now the trapis closing.

With the help of Josh and Allison, along with allies both old and new,Flipper will need to dig deep and find the courage to stand up against theSnaders once more, and prevent them from destroying everything he holdsdear–friends, family, and the world itself.

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Book 1: Vetrix
Book 3: Zentron
Book 4: Sevitan

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