Toxic Intentions (Halstead Mysteries 3)

What will be the greater challenge for Eden, working with her enemy or finding the killer?

With the afterglow of having put bully Correen Grazle in her place after solving her last case, Eden Price starts looking forward to the rest of summer. She’s made friends, and Halstead finally turns back into the peaceful town it used to be.

But tragedy strikes again when a popular teacher drowns in the local swimming pool. The authorities are quick to label her death an accident, after all the pool was full of swimmers. Only Correen thinks otherwise and Eden’s friends believe her, dragging reluctant Eden into an investigation.

Convinced that the dead woman hasn’t been the model teacher everyone considered her, Correen and her friends persuade Eden to work together before the killer strikes again. Can they set aside their animosity before it’s too late?

Toxic Intentions is the third book in the Halstead Mystery Series

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Book 1: When the Time is Right
Book 2: Three Blind Mice

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