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Eating Crow


“Eating Crow” is a strange, silly, and pun filled comic strip universe where goofy Blobs, Bloogas, Birds, a friendly Mud Monster, a Mole with a Hammer, and The Imperial Glort, will make you laugh your socks off (Be sure to pick them back up so you won’t lose them)!

Christian C. Kloepfer was born and raised in Minnesota, where he learned the real meaning of the words “cold”, “Uff-da”, and how to use them in a sentence: “Uff-da, it gets cold in Minnesota!”

He has lived near Halstead Kansas now for nearly 10 years and loves the longer growing season!

His wonderful comic strip “Eating Crow” is currently published weekly in The Harvey County Independent. The health and wellness website “Migraine Again” interviewed him in 2016 about using comedy to cope with chronic pain. The article was titled: “Too tired to be Grumpy”.

In June of 2018 he was interviewed by the KPTS TV show “Positively Kansas” concerning his comics. Despite suffering from 24-7 chronic migraine/head-pain, he keeps a positive outlook on life and hopes to help others through his comedy. Oh, and his crazed red border collie likes to play “rope-tug”.

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